You deserve to know who you’re dealing with.
My name is Ben Carlsen and I’m an educator, consultant, businessman and writer.  I enjoy helping people succeed and understanding why they do not.  My view is there are multiple roads to success and what works for one person may not for someone else.  I am convinced that there is no simple formula, and that timing and luck play a role.

This does not mean that intelligence, knowledge, education, discipline and hard work aren’t important because these qualities will largely determine what happens in your life.  But we’re all human, experience misfortune, make lots of mistakes, and are frequently controlled by emotion instead of reason.  I believe that “life is about building options” and that the unhappiest among us are those whose possibilities are limited.  Education, knowledge, experience and a predisposition for action will increase your options significantly.

The Personal Finance book was written because I saw the pain so many people were experiencing with their finances, jobs, homes and investments.

My Business Experience

I started working early, at age 14, as a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska. In my lifetime I’ve had several careers, over 30 jobs/positions, scores of automobiles, more than a dozen homes and properties, and extensive investments.  I was the first in my family to graduate from college, and went on to complete an MBA and a doctorate.

I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate students at various colleges and universities for twenty-five years, primarily in the fields of business and management, finance and professional development. I have also worked in management positions in the public and private sectors and my own businesses, and as a Consultant for many years. Perhaps equally importantly I have experienced my own financial “roller coaster” enjoying success and failure, surmounting obstacles, reinventing myself, and capitalizing on opportunities.

Why Personal Financial Survival?

I’ve written articles about business and finance for years.  In 2010 my book “Bites of Business” was published, and in 2011 “Personal Financial Survival: A Rescue Plan” was released.  These books reflect my beliefs and strategies about improving management in your career, and management of your personal finances. The Personal Finance book was written because I saw the pain so many people were experiencing with their finances, jobs, homes and investments.  I recognized that a “sea change” had occurred in our economy and that people need to recognize this and adapt to new realities.

The book, and my blog are for you,  readers who may be in financial trouble with their credit cards, fallen behind on their mortgage, became unemployed, lost money in investments, are unable to retire, or simply are not making the financial progress they desire.  The book addresses these major problem areas and offers tips, recommendations and solutions.  Personal Financial Survival is also about understanding your complex, often dysfunctional relationship with money, setting goals, becoming motivated and taking action.  I welcome your input, feedback, and comments.