Show Your Money a Little Respect!

by Dr. Ben on December 12, 2011

One thing I learned as a youngster is to respect others; to show them attention, esteem, and consideration, and to regard them appropriately.  Well, the same sentiments apply to money!  Your money is certainly worthy of special attention and consideration.  After all, it pays your bills, provides you with sustenance, travel, entertainment, security, enjoyment, independence, etc. We spend much of our lives earning it, accumulating it, using it, spending it, etc.

But how do you show respect for money, even if you acknowledge something this important may deserve it?  Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t throw it away
  • Don’t forget it
  • Don’t abuse or waste it
  • Don’t take it for granted
  • Don’t assume it will always be there no matter how you treat it
  • Take care of it
  • Recognize its value and importance
  • Manage it carefully and responsibly
  • Keep track of its whereabouts
  • Keep it close to you
  • Try to share it
  • Don’t give it to irresponsible or unworthy people
  • Try to keep it and grow it

Oh, and one more minor point, you may think it’s silly, but I recommend that when you carry it with you that you keep it secure and orderly.  By this I mean in a wallet, pocketbook or money clip and that you order your paper money by denomination (1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, etc.) in ascending or descending order, with it all facing in the same direction (e.g., facing forward, with the faces upright).  Not only will this help you find a particular denomination easily and get a quick idea of how much is there, it’s another way to show respect.  Superstitious, perhaps; responsible and respectful, definitely.

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