Business is a “Numbers Game”

by Dr. Ben on October 27, 2011

I recently attended a seminar where the speaker reminded the audience that business is a “numbers game.” Not necessarily of the accounting and record-keeping variety, but the sales, marketing, and promotional activities. You see, the more sales calls you make the more sales you’re likely to have; the more people that enter your place of business (whether physical or virtual) the more customers you’re likely to gain; BIGGER NUMBERS = MORE SUCCESS.

Success in business is measured by numbers, with the most important being sales and profits. And you won’t make profits without sales. Expenses are important as well, but containing expenses is a much easier task with lots of revenue so we will focus on increasing sales.

You see, the percentages of contacts to conversions (lookers to buyers) are similar across most business types. For example, if you have a furniture store the percentage of people who enter your door who subsequently purchase will likely be close to your competitors’ numbers, likewise with a car dealership, or a real estate office. Accordingly, your efforts should be directed towards increasing the numbers of potential customers visiting your business, and then helping them become purchasers of your products or services.

Your message needs to get out. Potential customers need to know you’re in business and that you have what they want or need. They also need to understand that you are that you are convenient, accessible, easy to do business with, customer-focused, and provide fair value.

You don’t need to own a business to apply the NUMBERS GAME. If you’re employed you should make more calls, volunteer to do more projects, write more reports, work more hours, etc. If you’re unemployed you need to make more visits to prospective employers, apply at more places, send out more resumes,

In business, and life, if you do the minimum the probability is you will get minimal results in return. And, if you play the numbers game you can improve your odds for success.

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