Lethargy and Money Don’t Mix

by Dr. Ben on October 28, 2011

Like oil and water, lethargy and money don’t mix!  Look around at wealthy and successful people– are they slackers or over-achievers?  Then take a look at the least successful; are they the hardest workers?  You can draw your own conclusions, although I think I can predict the outcome.  Samuel Goldwyn (co-founder of MGM) has an oft-quoted message   “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Ambitious, energetic, hard-working people usually, but not always, end up on top.  Whether it’s Lady Gaga or Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey.  There are thousands of well-known examples and millions of lesser or unknown ones.

Inertia and complacency will never help you gain fame or fortune.  Of course timing and luck may enter the picture.  And family background, too.   However, the most consistent and accurate predictors of your success are the effort and energy you put into achievement.

In this economy it’s easy to get disillusioned and discouraged, but what will these attitudes gain you?  You must find the strength and will to expend the effort to fully engage your money-making efforts.  I’m not saying that money should be your top priority, but in a capitalistic society it has to be an important one.  So start pushing yourself and see if you can get lucky too!

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