Screw Guilt

by Dr. Ben on August 13, 2011

If you’re drowning in debt, behind on a few payments, or just not making as much financial progress as you would like, don’t feel bad.  You’re in good company.  Your country, major U.S. Banks, Automobile manufacturers and other large companies have had their problems too.

Big name bankruptcies include names like:  Lehman Bros., “7-11,” Regal Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios, Planet Hollywood, Texaco, Pepsi-Cola, Trump Hotels and Casinos, Aladdin Gaming, Delta Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Continental Airlines, Chrysler Motors, General Motors, Winn-Dixie, Western Union, Six Flags Entertainment, Barney’s Dept. Store, K-Mart, Loehmann’s, the Yellow Pages (Local Insight Media), American Banknote Co. (they print our money), Eddie Bauer, Borders Books, Blockbuster, National Enquirer, Circuit City, etc., have all filed bankruptcy.  I won’t go on because the list would fill pages.

Many famous celebrities have also reportedly filed for bankruptcy, people like:  Toni Braxton, Anita Bryant, Samuel L. Clemens ( Mark Twain), Natalie Cole, Francis Ford Coppola, Walt Disney, Heidi Fleiss, Marvin Gaye, President Grant, Merle Haggard, M.C. Hammer, Richard Harris, Sherman Hemsley, Isaac Hayes, La Toya Jackson,  Chaka Kahn, Larry King, Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson, Wayne Newton, Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Anna Nicole Smith, Mike Tyson, Tammy Wynette, and many…many…more.

So even if things are serious, don’t dismay.  In this country you have a second-chance.

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