Full-Time Employees Now a Minority

by Dr. Ben on September 28, 2011

Yes it’s true, if you-re a full-time employee in America in 2011, you’re in the minority!  Only 47% of the U.S. workforce now holds a full-time position; the remaining 53% are either unemployed or work part-time. (Source: New York Post, Sept 4, 2011).  Holding onto your job seems to be a priority, and as a result the workforce is aging, with fewer opting for early retirement.

Things get really tough if you become unemployed – your chances of finding work are slimmer, with the average length of unemployment now 22 weeks.  If you’re over 55 it takes an average of 43 weeks!  Over two million have already exhausted all of their extended unemployment benefits after not finding a job in 99 weeks.  And according to the Post another 4 million will join them in this predicament by year’s end.

The Silver Lining

There’s a message here.  First, employment security is becoming an obsolete concept.  Second, you need to expand your career options.  The prolonged economic crisis is forcing people to consider other ways of making money, like opening your own business.  This is the positive in today’s economy.  Employees are rediscovering independence and entrepreneurship.  This rebirth of the pioneer spirit and “can do” attitude may ultimately help strengthen our society and make our economy more prosperous.

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