Recently Unemployed? Congratulations!

by Dr. Ben on September 26, 2011

If you are recently unemployed let me offer congratulations and condolences. Yes, losing your job can be difficult, traumatic, and challenging. Your job provides necessary income and can meet some of your professional development, self-esteem, security, and social needs. On the other hand your job may actually retard your personal and professional growth. This is particularly true if you have opted to stay in a position that you wouldn’t consider if the paycheck wasn’t so sweet.

A “Mixed Bag”

Whenever you work for someone else you have to make compromises, although unemployment brings its own set of problems; uncertainty and sacrifice.  Severance of the employment bond whether by your own volition, or circumstances not of your choosing, shakes things up. This can result in despondence, anger and blame, or re-energizing, unexpected growth, and greater success. These positive or negative outcomes are up to you. However, it may not appear that way and most people don’t know how to turn the process to their advantage.

Everyone experiences adversity, even the rich and famous. Perhaps the truly successful experience more reversals and career changes than most, because they take more chances, and recognize more opportunities. The most successful generally believe in themselves and the positive potential in unforeseen events.

Change is Good

Change provides us with opportunities. It’s difficult to recognize options when you’re stuck in a comfort zone and you may miss out on some real positives. So start by welcoming change and embracing the possibilities it entails. This attitude adjustment will go a long way towards creating beneficial outcomes. Negativity is an enticing trap. It gives you the appearance of being blameless and subject to forces outside your control. However, this attitude is self-defeating. Whenever you relinquish control of your destiny to outside forces, you become un-empowered, demoralized and defeated.

Yes, there are positives and negatives in every situation, and unemployment may actually spur you to greater success, as long as you don’t wallow in despair and inactivity.  Regain control by objectively evaluating your circumstances, your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities which may be available, and the actions you must take in order to capitalize upon them. Your plan should include the following elements, and it’s your responsibility to get going.

Implement Your Plan

1) Determine what you really want to do

2) Objectively analyze whether you have the required skills and education

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