The REAL Secret to Attaining Wealth

by Dr. Ben on September 23, 2011

Unless you’re lucky, win the lottery, receive an inheritance, or the like, you will need to understand the real secret of achieving wealth.  As simple as this may seem, the real secret is to:  Develop a Wealth Mentality!  In other words, you must consciously think about money, finances, and an abundance of wealth.

I know, you’re thinking, but “all I think about is money!”  Perhaps, but in what context?  If you have money worries, preoccupations or concerns, as we all do from time to time, that is not a wealth mentality!  It’s the opposite.

The poor and the rich are constantly concerned about money.  But their reactions are different.  The poor are stuck in a scarcity mentality.  There’s never enough money.  The rich have plenty but they’re concerned with building and preserving wealth. If you can refocus your thoughts and actions in this direction, you’ll do a lot better.

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